“ Education is a whispered symphony of knowledge, where each lesson paints a verse, guiding minds through the corridors of growth surpassing the confines of employment.”

It is my pleasant duty and proud privilege to present before you the Annual report for the Academic Year 2023-2024, on this auspicious occasion of 23rd Annual Day celebration of Al-Ameen International Public School, Edathala.


Completion of 22 years is indeed a milestone in the life of an educational institution.  Al-Ameen International Public School since its commencement in 2001, has earned laudable appreciation for imparting academic excellence, sense of discipline and moral values.

It is an enduring tradition to take time to pause, turn around to look back at the fruitful year gone by, achieving both the expected and unexpected while setting various milestones and then synergizing ourselves to move ahead to face the challenges in the coming year with a positive attitude.  There is always a podium laid for every individual to dream! To drive!  To determine and to decide their destiny.

Al-Ameen International Public School is always there as a platform for our students to dream big and to explore the capabilities and to excel in whatever they do.

At the outset let me thank God Almighty for all His blessings bestowed on us year after year. 

Our institution has a strong team of 70 Members in all capabilities who are dedicated and inspired by the motto of our school, and ready to work hard, and give their best in all our activities.  Time has taught us to face many challenges which, in turn, equipped us to innovate and explore alternative methods to move ahead and to achieve our goals.  This year we are successful in achieving all the curricular and extracurricular activities in full swing. We have completed all the activities scheduled till now.

Moving ahead, I present the Annual report of Al-Ameen International Public School, Edathala for the Academic Year 2023- 2024. 

Let me begin our achievements with the performance of our students in the class X and XII Board Examination held in March 2023.

In class XII 30 students who appeared for the examinations 100% of our students score First Class. Out of this 26 students secured distinctions and one achieved full AI and 6 students scored above 90%.

Asiya Muhamed Saly of Science Stream scored 94.2% and achieved the position of school topper of class XII with full AI.

 The toppers of each stream are,

 Science Stream Topper – Asiya Muhammed Saly

Commerce Stream Topper – Amina.M.J

Other Subject Toppers

English –

Asiya Muhammed Saly, Fida Riyas, Meharin Fathima.M.S, Muhammed Ahsan.K, Muhammed Gassaly secured 97 marks in English.

Physics Topper – Asiya Muhammed Saly secured 95 marks

Chemistry Topper  – Meharin Fathima Secured 96 marks

Biology Topper – Fida Riyas Secured 96 marks

Maths Topper – K.Niranjay secured 94 marks

Computer Science Topper – K.Niranjay secured 92 marks

Informatics Practices Topper – Muhammed Sanin.M.N secured 99 marks

Accountancy Topper – Ahammed Najadh, Amarsha. M.S, K.A.Meharban,         Muhammed Rihan.O.P, Muhammed Sanin.M.N secured 95 marks

Business Studies Topper – K.A. Meharban secured 90%

Economics Topper – Amina.M.J secured 94%

Moving on to Class X Results

37 students appeared ,20 distinctions, and remaining first class

Ajisa Fathima.P.S of Class X secured 93 marks and became School Topper.

Subject Toppers

Malayalam Topper – Muhammed Savad.M.A secured 100 marks

English Topper    – Singdha.V secured 95 marks

Mathematics Topper –Ayisha K M

Science Topper – Ajisa Fathima.P.S & Jahanara Mariam Sujith secured 95marks

Social Science Topper – Ajisa Fathima.P.S secured 99 marks

Faculty Improvement

          An effective enrichment programme is an Integral component of ensuring that an organisation achieves the best possible outcomes. 

The Academic section started with two day orientation programme for all the teachers and special training for communicative English for five days

Training on effective use of Smart class for all the teachers was conducted by TATA CLASS EDGE

The school takes pride in imparting facilities for empowerment of teachers through various capacity building training programmes and Workshops Conducted by CBSE, Sahodaya and other organizations.





Vidya Devi.D.B

CBP in Physics

Chinmaya Vidyalaya, Vaduthala


Sreeja.P.B, Bindu.V.T

CBP on Art Integration

Cochin Refinery, Thiruvaniyoor


Prajitha.K.P, Jisha.V.Nath, Aneeshkumar.K.N

CBP on Art Integration

Aadharsha Bhavans, Thrikkakkara,  Kakkanad



Raisa.M.h, Alphonsa.K.F

CBP on Life Skills

Sree Sarada Vidhyalaya, Kalady



Creative and Critical Thinking

Bhavans Vidya Mandir, Eroor



Induction Programme

Bhavans Vidya Mandir, Elamakkara


Sini.P.S, Shahiba Majeed, Saranya Devi, Remyasree

Gender Sensitivity in Schools

Sanskara School, Kakkanad


Renjusha.K.M, Parvathy Narayanan, Aysha.V.P

Classroom Management

Al-Ameen Public School, Edappally



Value Education

Bhavans Varuna


Sangeetha.K.S& Jaseela.K.I

School Quality Asessment Assurance Workshop conducted by Kochi Metro Sahodaya

Rajagiri Christu Jayanthi





            To inculcate leadership skills and initiative, an SLS was formed in the school headed by the Head Boy & Head Girl. The SLS members were selected via Parliamentary election method.  Students of Std.V upwards casted their votes after meet the candidate programme and Campaign.

Athul Krishna.S of grade XII A and Ayisha Jaleel of grade XII A, were elected as Head Boy and  Head  Girl respectively.  K.A.Muhammed Irfan from X A as Vice Head Boy, Faizah Fathimah from X A as Vice Head Girl, Muhammed Faris.N.M IX A as sports Captain,  Fathima Noora.O.S (IX A) as Cultural Head and Adiya Fathima.K.B (IX A) as Disciplinary Head and Fahmitha Fathima (IX A)as Magazine Editor.  They were inducted into their position in the month of July in the presence of our Manager Mr. Faizal Khader.T


Extra Academic Activities 2023-24

  1. The School re-opened on June Ist
  2. The World Environment Day was conducted on June 5th with different activities

            Sapling distribution, Placard making, Chart making and Cloth bag making and  so on  were organized.

  1. The School conducted Book fair for three days.
  2. Special assembly was conducted based on

a.World Environment day,

b.world food safety day,

c.world ocean day ,

d.world day against child labour,

e.World blood donor day,

f.Power Smile day,

g.National Reading day,

h.Father’s day and

  1. International Yoga day. Yoga session was conducted under the guidance of

    Ms.Sumangala (Yoga Instructor)

  1. The School introduced Birthday corner in the school
  2. The Music Club organised by Communicative English Department was

           inaugurated by Principal.

  1. School Conducted House wise literary competition in the month of July onwards for all the students to showcase their talents.
  2. Charity

           We are fully aware and proud to be part of the community beyond the boundaries of the schools and hence are very much sensitive and alive to many of their issues. As a part of charity students stretched their hands to contribute to Pain and Palliative Care under the banner of Malayala Manorama Nallapadam

  1. As a part of Kargill Vijay divas special assembly with different programmes was conducted.


  1. Independence Day

           The 77th  Independence Day celebrations  began with a special assembly  conducted at the school premises and the National Flag was hoisted by the Manager and different programmes were also arranged.


  1. Onam Celebration

        Onam celebration was organized on 25th August 2023.  Various programmes were arranged for students such as tug of war, Traditional Dress Fashion Show and so on arranged for students.   Payasam was also distributed. All the teachers together performed Thiruvathirakali in the campus. Indeed it was an unforgettable memories for the children.

  1. Gandhi Jayanthi

As a part of Gandhi Jayanthi students cleaned the school premises.  As a part of Swachhata Hi Seva campaign the school conducted an essay writing competition on the topic of the importance of cleanliness hygiene and sanitation in our society.  A special assembly was organized on this day and Oath was taken by teachers and students

  1. Picnics

Our KG students went to Funtura at Lulu mall. 

I – II   went to Chittilappilly Square, Kakkanad

V –  VIII students went to Fantazy Park Malampuzha

IX – XII students went to Mysore Coorg


School based Karate test was organized on 17th November

Prime Minters Pareska Pe Charcha discussion was attended by 48 students and teachers every one received appreciation certificate of Prime Minter.

As a part of World Artistic day Students honoured Ms.Geetha Art teacher of our school.

Arya Bhatta Ganit Challenge of CBSE was conducted in school

School organized planetarium show on 7th September

CBSE reading challenge was conducted in school

Special Assembly related Ozone day was conducted on 18th September.



       Annual Sports Day was organized on 21st November.   Our chief guest was Paul.P.P (An Indian Athletic coach) retired from SAI. A variety of inter house and  interclass games were conducted.  Special coaching was also provided for football and Athletics.  Our football team participated in many Inter school Tournaments and emerged as champions of Sanskara Soccer Cup with Muhammed Hafiz of class X being named the best player. We were the runners up in the Inter Al-Ameen football tournament.  The school participated in Cluster II CBSE Athletic Meet and the  state Athletic Meet

                        Muhammed Faris.N.M of Std IX secured Silver Medal in 800m District Level Amateur Athletic Meet and qualified for the state Amateur Athletic Meet,  Silver Medal in 1500m & 3000m CBSE Cluster Level State Meet, Qualified to CBSE National Athletic Meet held at Raipur Chattisgarh , Gold Medal in 800m and Silver Medal in 1500m District Level Kerala Central School Athletic Meet and qualified to State Central School athletic Meet, Gold Medal in 800m & 1500m in Bhavan’s Munshi Athletic Meet and he is the individual champion in U/16 Boys.


Skill Enhancement Programme for Students







Career Guidance by Lakshya


XII Commerce



Alive Career Guidance by MLA




An awareness programme on Health


All the Classes by Counsellor


Awareness class on Aviation courses




Indian Air Force visited school campus and took an orientation class for X  &XII students




Student Enrichment Programme

In the presence of  Honourable  M P Mr.Sasi Tharoor


From Std X Eshal.P.S & Faiza Fathima attended the programme


Parenting Session

 In connection with World Dyslexia Day the school has arranged a class for KG-Std II parents regarding Learning Disabilities its impact on students and its remedies.  Resource person was Ms.Nadhiya.N.A (Educational Therapist and Psychologist).


  1. Teachers Day

On 5th September 2023 Teachers day was commemorated.  A Special morning assembly was held to honour all the teachers of the school by Std.IX.  As a token of appreciation and care, all the teachers were greeted with their photo caricatures for their selfless service by Class XII 


School is participating in International Olympiad conducted by International Olympiad Foundation.  42 students enrolled their names for the same.

Children’s Day

The fond of memories of Chachaji returned to warm hearts as Children’s Day was celebrated by Primary and Kindergarten with great elan on 14th November 2023. Special assembly was organized by Communicative English Department.  A Solo dance competition was organized for KG Kids.

On November 1st Keralapiravi day was celebrated in school and a special assembly was conducted.

In connection with Bakrid Mehandi Design competition and Mappila pattu competition were organized by Arabic Department.

Efforts taken by school to improve Communicative English

The Communicative English department is actively engaged in addressing the linguistic challenges faced by students. Through creative assemblies on special occasions students are provided with platforms to enhance their language skills in diverse contexts.

The department boasts various clubs, each catering to different facets of language learning. The Vocabulary Club focuses on expanding students’ word banks, the Radio Club offers practical communication skills, the Birthday Corner Club provides a unique celebration of language milestones, and Euphonium the Western Music Club, introduces students to the nuances of English through musical expression.

Complementing these initiatives are competitions organized within the clubs, such as Master Paragon and Miss Paramount, quiz competitions, pledge competitions, radio contests, and Western music contests. These competitions not only promote healthy competition but also encourage students to apply and refine their language skills in real-world scenarios.

              To maintain discipline in English usage, the introduction of language guards and English inspectors ensures a consistent standard. In addition to formal competitions, the department actively showcases students’ talents through skill expo boards, resolution letter boxes, debates, speech training, role plays, power books, and a special and exclusive coaching was provided on phonetics for improving students pronunciation and accent resulted in helping them to overcome mother tongue influence in their interaction and developed an esthetic style in interacting in English.

     These avenues not only serve as a legacy to students’ language proficiency but also provide opportunities for them to explore and express their unique linguistic abilities.

Interschool competitions.

Our students had participated in a number of interschool competitions and have performed extremely well.

  • We have participated in Sahodaya youth festival at the district level
  • Izma Siraj of Std. VII secured the second position in Recitation English and secured A Grade in State level.
  • Our school secured A Grade in Oppana , Group Song and Group Dance
  • K.P of Std. III A Secured A Grade in Recitation Malayalam
  • Rifa.M.R of Std.IV A secured A Grade in Elecution in English
  • Naznin Misriya.M.S of Std.IV C secured A Grade in Elecution in Malayalam
  • Imaan Oovattil of Std.IV B Secured A Grade in Digital Painting.
  • Shiza Midhath.M.S of Std. IVA secured A Grade in Recitation English
  • Zaira Shahanas of Std. IV A secured A Grade in Folk Dance
  • Aayisha Zemana.M.N of Std.VI A secured A Grade in Folk Dance
  • Afrin Fathima.K.M of Std. VI A secured A Grade in Light Music
  • Hanan Parveen of Std. VI B secured A Grade in Arabic Recitation
  • M.S of Std. VI B secured A Grade in  Malayalam Elecution
  • Liya Fathima.P.A of Std. V B secured A Grade in English Elecution
  • Muhammed Haney .P of Std.V A secured A Grade in Hindi Recitation
  • Sreya Syam of Std. VII B secured A Grade in Sanskrit Recitation
  • Aaziya Rasheed. C of Std. IX secured A Grade in Malayalam Light Music
  • C.S of Std. VIIIA secured A Grade in Poster Designing
  • P.S of Std. X secured A Grade in English Story Writing and English Essay Writing.
  • Faizah Fathima of Std.X A secured A Grade in Malayalam Recitation.
  • Fathima Noora.O.S of Std IX secured A Grade in Mappilappattu
  • Keertana Madhu Nair of Std.VIIIA secured A Grade in English Extempore and Hindi Recitation.
  • Neha Syam of Std.X A secured A Grade in Sanskrit Recitation, Malayalam Extempore and Malayalam Essay Writing.
  • Risla Fathima.K.S of Std.VIII A secured A Grade in English Recitation
  • Zahra Fathima.K.L of Std.VIIIA secured A Grade in Arabic Recitation
  • Aayisha Jaleel of Std.XII A secured A Grade in English Essay Writing
  • G.S of Std. XII B secured A Grade in Malayalam Recitation
  • Athul Krishna.s of Std. XII A secured A Grade in Hindi Story Writing
  • U.Fathima Hiba of Std XII A secured A Grade in Malayalam Essay Writing
  • The School participated in Freedom Quest organized by Al-Ameen Public School, Edappally and Our School secured First position in Nadanpattu and third position in English Drama. Hyra Riyas of class VIII and Mohammed Suhail of class X secured 3rd position in portrait painting.



  • Our KG section celebrated and conducted various activities and programmes during the Environment Day, World Ocean Day, Yoga Day International Day of Peace and Children’s Day.
  • Junior Kalotsav and Junior Sports Also were conducted in grant manner
  • KG team participated in Nakshathra Kids Festival and One third prize in Malayalam Action song.
  • We participated in all events in Rajagiri Kids fest

            I am thankful to all the respected members of Al-Ameen Trust for their guidance and support throughout the journey of our school.  The Academic Year 2023-24 was full of activities and achievements along with their studies.  Hearty congratulations to all my dear students for your achievements during this year and a thank you to dear parents for helping them and for being with us on this challenging and fruitful journey.  There is no word to appreciate and thank my dedicated team of teaching and non teaching staff who work relentlessly through the year for making all these grand success possible.

Once again a big thank you to our management team for motivating us and helping us to move forward.

Last but not least my sincere thanks to our mentor, leader, Motivator and Manager of our school Mr.Faizal Khader for inspiring us with his powerful thoughts, which will help us to  think more, to explore more, and to achieve excellence in whatever we do.

Before I conclude this report of introspection and recollection, I may take the freedom to call up on all parents’ staff and students to strive for higher level performance and request parents to promote a value embedded atmosphere at home.  I also appeal to the outgoing students to maintain academic excellence and discipline throughout your life.

Thank you for patient listening, thank you god for all grace and blessings showered on us.   May you all have an enjoyable evening.


Thank you,