School bus is available for students from KG to XII for a safe journey.
  1. All school bus stop are codified and the buses will stop only at the designated bus stop.The bus departure timings at the stops can be obtained from the School Office.The buses will not wait for students beyond the schedule departure time.Bus users are expected to be at the respective bus stop 5 minutes before the scheduled departure time of the bus.
  2. No request for change in bus route will be entertained unless it is for a period of a month.
  3. Communications from parents to the school shall be only in writing and oral instructions to the bus crew will not be entertained.Buses shall not be detained at bus stops for this purpose.
  4. Parents should co-operate with bus drivers and buses incharge.
  5. Small children will be brought back to the school if there is no one at the stop to collect them.


  1. Queue system is to be strictly observed at the bus stops.
  2. Maintain discipline in the bus so as not to distract the driver’s attention.
  3. Student bus monitors are responsibilie for maintaining discipline in the buses and co-students are requested to co-operate with them.
  4. Students should not push each other when they get on or off the bus.
  5. Unruly behaviour like shrieking, shouting or loud talking in the bus is strictly prohibited.
  6. Courteous behaviour is expected at all time.