Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishments. Only a well groomed and disciplined child can grow up into a intrinsically disciplined adult with the right value system and attitude.Effective school discipline starts from effective home discipline.Parents are requested
  1. To look into the diary of their wards daily. Instructions given in it should be followed promptly and it is a useful channel of communication between parents and teachers. Communication sent from school must be signed by the parents and they should ensure that notes sent by them have been acknolwedged by the teachers.
  2. to see that their wards come to school smart and tidy and in complete uniform. Hair must be kept short and tidy. Girls with long hair must plait it and use only black hair band. Boys should have a proper dressing (low waist will not be permitted) and hair cut (no mushroom cutting, spikes etc.) Those who need a shave must do it regularly.
  3. to send the duly signed assessment report the very next day itself.
  4. to be available whenever they are needed as in the case of sickness/ casuality.
  5. to attend the Open House held after the Assessments. They are also requested to attend other meetings schedule by the school.
  6. to enter all leaves taken by the students in the leave column in the Diary.
  7. to co-operative with the school authorities in enforcing regularity and discipline.
  8. not to visit their child in the class room.
  9. not to send their children suffering from contagious diseases to school.
  10. to read the content of this diary carefully and in the interest of the child, abide by the rules laid down by the school.
  11. to make sure that child does not carry any electronic gadgets to the school.
Students are advised to strictly adhere to the following
  1. Every student should carry the school diary to the school daily.
  2. Students who come to the School on their own should arrive at the school five minutes before first bell. Late comes wil lbe fined.
  3. All students must attend the school assembly
  4. Students should be habitually clean and always neatly dressed.Nails should be trimmed at least once a week.
  5. Earn a good name in your school. Be regular in attendance be dilligent, & well behaved. Respect your teachers and love your companions.
  6. Students are advised to be self disciplined, well behaved, well mannered, punctual, obedient, regular and courteous.
  7. Move about in the campus in an orderly manner, Running and shouting in the corridors are not acceptable. Communication in the school premises should be strictly through English.
  8. All good manners should start at home. Respect your parents, and follow their advice. Be kind and good to your brothers and sisters.
  9. Only girls are permitted to wear a small stud. No other gold / silver ornaments should be worn.
  10. Articles like mobiles, music players, cameras, CD Pendrives should not be brought to the school. If found in possession these will be confiscated along with the fine of Rs. 1000/-
  11. Be helpful to everyone as far as you can.
  12. Always speak the truth, speak politely.
  13. Students are expected to reflect an exemplary behaviour, conduct and act as role models to the rest of the society. They should respect,pay, regards and, greet seniors, teachers, staff & elders.
  14. Care must be taken of all school prorperty and no student should scratch or spoil the desk or charts or damage any furniture, write or draw anyting on the wall or damage things belonging to others.Any damage done will be fined.
  15. Any pupil exempted from P.Ed. or Games must produce a medical certificate to prove that he / she is physically unfit to take part.
  16. No student should instigate other co-student into any misbehaviour affecting the rules of the school.
  17. The school reserves the right to suspend / expel students whose conduct is harmful to the students or the school. Irregular attendance insubordination to teachers, habitual neglect of studies, indifference to school work, obsenity in word or act will be deemed as sufficient reason for suspension of a student.